Lovers of the tranquility provided by the Mediterranean coast have in Jávea the perfect place to live or spend a vacation. This destination combines relaxing landscapes that will allow you to recharge your batteries and improve your rhythm of life, but with access to all the necessary shops so as not to give up the comfort of the big city.

Jávea offers you the possibility of fully connecting with nature, either on the beaches merging with the sea or in the interior, where you can go on excursions to breathe fresh air and admire the landscapes.

We are used to seeing the sea from the beach or just a few meters from the shore, but the perspective changes completely when you go out to sail the Mediterranean. Different types of boats depart from the port of Jávea that will allow you to discover corners that cannot be accessed on foot. In addition, this is a generally calm sea, without surprises, so that even the most novice can navigate without problems.

Living near the port will give you the option to go sailing or do water sports in just a few minutes. In addition, this area has all kinds of apartments, so we can help you find the one that best suits what you are looking for in terms of style and price.

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